Your independent down-hole tool supplier!

Toolserv AS is focused on delivering quality and has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, such as the new AMC RT Torque system, in order to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

Quality Products

Toolserv is the sole agent for Downhole Products and Varel UK Limited in Norway and offers a wide range of quality products.

Tool service

Toolserv offers disassembly, inspection, repair, assembly, testing and preservation of
your down hole tools.

Achilles Certified

Toolserv AS is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2008
Centralization Products

Toolserv AS is the sole agent for Downhole Products in Norway and we store and sell a wide range of products that include: Downhole Products designs, Spir-O-Lizer Centralisers, Spir-O-Lizer Blade Runner Centralisers, Spir-O-Mizer Centralisers, Econ-O-Glider Centralisers, Pen-O-Trator Reamer Guide Shoes, Pilot Guide Shoes, and ‘Grippy’ Cable Clamp Protectors to name but a few.

Drill Bits

We offer a wide range of drill bits from Varel UK Limited for the global oil & gas drilling community. We offer both PDC and Roller Cone drill bits.